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Want to discover all of ALBERT's®features?

ALBERT® is the first artificial intelligence system that solves quality assurance problems for the baking industry.

Opto Engineering® presents ALBERT®, the innovative vision system for automatic inspection of food products, flexible and easy to use.

Thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence ALBERT® self-learns the shape and color of products by observing a normal production batch that is immediately ready to be sorted.

ALBERT® is distributed by Opto Engineering®, an Italian company specializing in industrial imaging technologies and has partnered with numerous automation integrators all over the globe. ALBERT® originates from a joint venture between Opto Engineering® and Sensure.

ALBERT® is a complete and independent visual inspection unit,
based on the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

ALBERT®is a product designed
and manufactured by Sensoe srl,
a joint venture stemming from the collaboration
between Opto Engineering® and Sensure.